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GIS allows user plug in any number of reporting dimensions.

GIS allows user plug in any number of reporting dimensions. Geographical dimension use dynamic and interactive maps in svg format which allows user drill up and down through geo hierarchy.GIS is graphic engine for dynamic generating map in SVG and GIS specific format named DynMap. Result map are built from patterns maps loaded into the engine. Pattern maps can be in SVG, XML and DynMap files or they can be also loaded from database. Everyone map has hierarchical organization, small regions join together into macro regions, macro regions join into countries etc. Example of such hierarchy is World political division and administrative division of particular countries. GIS aggregates each combination of defined regions from one input map into group of regions and use them to build new rescaled map. Set of available combination can be restricted into real regions hierarchies by defining proper XML file with parent-child relation. Hierarchies can be also extracted from databases. Each region  element generated map is hyperlink. It enables implementation of drill-down and drill-up mechanism. Regions on map are connected with values  aggregated measure for particular node.GIS engine is dedicated for internet application. Server side map generation enable visible resource reduction in comparison to static solution like Corda OptiMap.