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Stop paying for your employees private calls!

Start to monitor how much time people spend on private calls daily!

These are the facts !!!

Remember these  numbers:
 67 33 - 17
- 67% phone calls your employee are business calls
- about 33% decrease your telephone bill
- 17% your employee during private gossip block line, while your clients call to your company.
The research carried out in August, 2006 by Ericsson Consumer & Enterprise Lab. idicate that Polish are calling on average 15 minutes a day by mobile phones, but 11 minutes they are spending on privates calls, and only 4 minutes on business ones.

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If you want to see how PBM works, please .

How does it work ?

PBM is integrated with every systems: fixed line telephony and mobile telephony like Hybrid, VoIP. In that way it could download all information about carried out connections.
 Thanks to that information system distinguish private calls from business ones, classify them, display numbers, duration and costs. PBM allows to generate billing reports, invoices as well as customized reports.
It depends on your decision who and which division you want to monitoring. You can also point out employees, who will have access to reports. Phone Billing Manager in all in one version is suitable for small and also for medium enterprises.
PBM can be installed on your daily used computer or server. If you will need help, we will advice you the best option.
Remember, this is verify: after implemntation Phone Billing Manager (PBM) You will notice change in employee approach to the way of using phone lines, GSM, GPRS, IP UMTS also other services!

If you are not convinced yet:
here to find more information about PBM.
How much will this cost ?

PBM enables you to keep costs under control you will be paying only for a business communication of your employees. You will also save a lot of your and yours managers time; you wont be wasting your time to analyze phone billings, or mobilize team managers to separate private from business calls PBM will do it for you!
There is an additional benefit for your employees you can establish cheaper table of charges of connections inside your company. It will be easy to use it and honest to pay for it.
Didnt we convince you yet?
Look at this from the other side: purchase of BPM is not an expense, it is an investment on average after 3 4 month using this system the costs of implementation will be completely refunded. After that time you will be saving 33% on each telephone bill.
We doesnt make promises, we assure reduction of your companys expenditure

SITE MODEL: it allows to logically divide the complex system through a physical or logical hierarchical structure (areas, sub-areas, sub-sub-areas, etc) where it will be possible to locate items.
DATA MODEL: it allows to parametrically defining any item (physical or logical) it is intended to manage.
USER INTERFACE: through simplified masks it is possible to visualize the information related to each component. Those masks can be accessed through Data Model, or Site Model, if components are localized.